Since 1979, Jamis Bikes has been committed to building the best bikes possible for nearly every cycling arena and for almost any rider. Their commitment goes along with our mission of providing you with the perfect fit for a perfect ride.  We are proud authorized dealers of Jamis bicycles and have the largest inventory of Earth Cruisers, Hybrids, Sport Comfort, Road and Children’s bicycles on the Crystal Coast.  We stock a large variety of sizes and colors of the newest models in our showroom.


Our bikes are of the highest quality, stop by our shop and see for yourself. We’ll get you started on a  lifetime of fun and exercise on any make/model that works for you.

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We have over 25 years of experience in building, maintaining, and fixing bicycles. We carry a large volume of tubes, wheels, tires and other repair parts in inventory so we can repair your bike to the utmost standards in a timely manner.


We service all brands of bicycles from regular maintenance to tune ups, flat tires or cable adjustments, to installing new brakes. We encourage maintaining your bicycle on a regular basis to keep your bike always performing at it’s best.

Introducing 2017’s Best Sellers in Ten New Colors

Hwy 58 Jamis Earth Cruiser

Only available at Hwy58 Bicycles.

Ride in style on Jamis' Earth Cruiser 3. With its elegant aluminum frame design, wide tires and plush, padded saddle, the Earth Cruiser delivers a luxurious, classy ride.


RIDE IN STYLE AND COMFORT! Get a customized fit!

Every bike is not meant to fit all body types. Height, weight and ability have a lot to do with a proper fit and the comfort of your ride. We are experienced in providing a proper fit on bikes of various models, styles and sizes. A proper fit leads to a safe and comfortable ride. Let us help you maximize your bicycle experience.

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